Method for producing high molecular weight polyester



The invention discloses a method for producing high molecular weight polyester, comprising: firstly PTA is matched with glycol for obtaining slurry and later a prepolymer raw material is obtained by esterification and polycondensation; next, the prepolymer raw material is cut into small particle slices which are firstly pre-crystallized for 10-40min at 150-190 DEG C and then crystallized for 10-40min at 170-210 DEG C for a second time; finally, polycondensation is carried out to the crystallized slices for 12-60h within the scope of 200-240 DEG C by using a method of increasing the temperature gradually by section or step and the high molecular weight polyester is obtained. The method can significantly improve the solid-phase polycondensation reaction rate, shorten the reaction time, and improve the production capacity.




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