Low nox burner



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To realize a diluted premixing burner with an inexpensive and compact structure. SOLUTION: The present diluted combustion low NOx burner includes a premixing part adapted such that there are formed with opposite side wall plates 2 bent into a V-shaped configuration an air introduction part B with a cross section narrowed gradually toward a narrowest part A and an expanded part C with cross section gradually widened frontally of the narrowest part A, and there is disposed a pipe-shaped gas nozzle 4 including many nozzle holes 3 formed in a front surface of a pipe wall along the air introduction part B, and further there is disposed a distributing block 6 with cross section configured into an isosceles triangle between the opposite side wall plates 2 of the expanded part C with gaps on opposite sides thereof left as a passage 5 for mixture gas, and further a predetermined width mixing space 8 is formed between a front surface of the distributing block 6 and a flame hole plate 7 provided frontally of the former. COPYRIGHT: (C)1998,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】 希薄予混合バーナを安価でコンパクトな構造 で実現する。 【解決手段】 希薄燃焼式ガスバーナ1の予混合部を、 最狭部Aに向かって漸次断面積が狭くなる空気導入部B と、最狭部Aから前方へ向かって漸次断面積が広くなる 拡開部Cとを、くの字形に屈曲された両側壁板2によっ て形成し、空気導入部Bに沿って管壁の前面に多数のノ ズル孔3を列設したパイプ状のガスノズル4を配設する と共に、拡開部Cの両側壁板2間に、両側に混合気の通 路5となる間隔を残して断面形状が二等辺三角形の分流 用ブロック6を配設し、分流用ブロック6の前面とその 前方に設けられた炎孔板7との間に一定幅の混合空間8 を形成した。




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