Magneto-optical recording medium



(57)【要約】 【課題】 再生特性の向上した超解像記録再生の実現が 可能な光磁気記録媒体を提供する。 【解決手段】 透明基板1上に形成された(読み出し 層)磁性層であり、室温では面内方向に磁化容易方向を 有し、室温以上の所定温度まで昇温すると磁化容易方向 が垂直方向に変化し、かつ希土類金属−3d遷移金属間 の交換エネルギーが小である主に希土類金属−3d遷移 金属合金からなる第一磁性層3と、この第一磁性層3上 に形成されて情報を光磁気記録する磁性層であり、室温 以上で垂直方向に磁化容易方向を有する希土類金属−3 d遷移金属合金からなる第二磁性層4とを備えている。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a magneto-optical recording medium with which the embodiment of super-high resolution recording and reproducing of improved reproduction characteristics is possible. SOLUTION: This magneto-optical recording medium has a first magnetic layer 3 which is a (reading out layer) magnetic layer formed on a transparent substrate 1 and consists mainly of a rear earth metal-3d transition metal alloy that has an easy direction of magnetization in an intra-surface direction at room temp., is changed, on rising of its temp. up to a prescribed temp. above room temp., in the easy direction of magnetization to a perpendicular direction and is small in the exchange energy between the rear earth metal and the 3d transition metal and a second magnetic layer 4 which is formed on this, first magnetic layer 3, is a magnetic layer for magneto-optical recording of information and consists of a rear earth metal-3d transition metal alloy having the easy direction of magnetization in the perpendicular direction at room temp. or above. COPYRIGHT: (C)1998,JPO




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