Rotational molding by mold with hot oil piping



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To control the melting and solidying speed of resin and also control the deterioration of resin caused by the overheating of sufficient heating and unevenness of thickness by applying hot oil, which is better than the conventional heating method for a mold, by using the method of immersing the mold in an oil bath or of heating by a burner in which the uniform temperature of the mold is hard to be provided. SOLUTION: A metal pipe 2 is bonded directly on a mold 1, and the temperature of the mold is controlled by applying hot oil, and as the diameter of a pipe or the pitch of piping can be varied, the required temperature can be provided quickly at any sites by varying the diameter of the pipe and the pitch of the piping.
(57)【要約】 【課題】従来の型の加熱はオイルバスに浸したり、バー ナーで炙るなどの方法であったため型の温度をどこも均 一にする事は困難であり、樹脂の溶融、固化速度の制御 が困難な為に加熱オーバー、不足で樹脂が劣化したり肉 厚のバラツキを抑える事が難しかった。 【解決手段】この発明は金型1に直接金属のパイプ2を 接合しており、加熱されたオイルを通すことで金型の温 度を制御しており、パイプの径や配管のピッチを変える ことで、どの部位でも素早く必要な温度にすることがで きる。




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