PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To carry out loading and unloading on storing shelves on both sides of shelf clusters, reduce a crane width, and drastically increase work storing efficiency for a given size of space while providing a work receiving fork substantially only on one side of a fork frame. SOLUTION: A gate type running frame 17 astridingly running between shelf clusters 5 opposing each other is provided with a fork frame 19 capable of traveling up and down. The fork frame 19 is provided with a plurality of work receiving forks 21. Each work receiving fork 21 is shorter than the distance between shelf ends of the opposing shelf clusters 5. Work receiving portions of each work receiving fork 21 are equidistantly located on both sides of its center. Each work receiving fork 21 is slidably inserted in the fork frame 19 to penetrate it at specified intervals in the running direction of the running frame 17. A driving means is provided to synchronously project the plurality of work receiving forks 21 and their work receiving portions S to one or both sides of the shelf clusters 5.
(57)【要約】 【課題】 実質的にフォークフレームの一方側にのみワ ーク受けフォークを設けながら、棚群両側の収容棚に対 するワーク授受を可能と成し、クレーン幅を小さく纏め て、或るスペースに対するワークの収容効率を大幅にア ップさせる。 【解決手段】 相対峙する棚群5を跨いで走行する門型 走行フレーム17にフォークフレーム19を昇降可能に 設け、このフォークフレーム19に、相対峙する棚群5 の棚先端間の寸法よりも短尺で且つワーク受け部Sが中 心振り分けに形成された複数本のワーク受けフォーク2 1を、所定の間隔を隔てて走行フレーム17の走行方向 にスライド可能に貫設し、かつ、この複数本のワーク受 けフォーク21を、それのワーク受け部Sを棚群5の一 方側または他方側に同期突出させる駆動手段20を設け て或る。




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