Resistive paste and mechanical amount sensor employing it



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a resistor element having high strain sensitivity by coating the surface of an insulating substrate with a resistive paste comprising a composite oxide containing copper and glass frit and then drying and firing it. SOLUTION: The mechanical amount sensor comprises an insulating substrate, a strain-sensitive resistor element 4, and a pair of electrodes 3 for detecting variation in the electrical resistance of the strain-sensitive resistor element 4. The resistor element 4 is formed by coating the surface of the insulating substrate with a resistive paste comprising a composite oxide containing copper, glass frit, an organic vehicle and a diluent and then drying and firing it. The organic vehicle and the diluent are dispersed at the time of drying and tiring and an excellent mechanical amount sensor is obtained. Preferably, the insulating substrate comprises a metal substrate 1 coated with a crystallized glass layer 2. The metal substrate 1 is coated with the crystallized glass layer 2 by printing, spraying, powder electrostatic painting, electrophoresis, etc.
(57)【要約】 【課題】 荷重、圧力などの物理量およびその変化量を 歪みによる電気抵抗変化により計測する力学量センサの 感度を向上させる。 【解決手段】 銅含有複合酸化物、ガラスフリットおよ び有機ビヒクルを希釈剤に分散させた抵抗ペーストを絶 縁性基板表面に塗布した後、乾燥・焼成することによ り、感歪み抵抗素子を形成する。




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