Segment lift device



(57)【要約】 【課題】 セグメントピースを迅速に搬入させるととも に、1度の搬入量を拡大して狭いスペースの立坑での搬 入作業効率を向上させる。 【解決手段】 立坑に昇降ガイドレールを敷設し、この 昇降ガイドレールに沿って昇降可能とされるリフトを設 ける。このリフトは多段に形成するとともに上下段リフ ト同士を伸縮機構を介して接離可能としておく。リフト 面にレールを敷設し、セグメントピースを積載する台車 ごとリフト内に積載できるようにする。各段にセグメン ト台車を搬入した状態で下降させ、立坑下部にて下段リ フトからのセグメント台車の搬出後にリフト下降移動に より下段リフト収縮動作により上段リフトの搬出口を抗 口に対面させてセグメントを搬出する。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To carry in segment pieces quickly and enhance the efficiency in the carry-in operation in a vertical shaft having a small space through enlargement of one batch of carried-in segment pieces. SOLUTION: A guide rail for elevation and sinking is installed in a vertical shaft, and a lift 10 is installed as capable of elevating and sinking along the guide rail. A plurality of such lifts 10 are formed in steps, and the upper lift and the lower lift are arranged as capable of contacting and separating through an expansion/contraction mechanism. A rail is laid on each lift surface, and it is made practicable to load each lift with segment pieces together with a carriage on which they are loaded. The lifts are sunk in the condition that segment carriage 16 are carried in at each steps, and the segments are carried out while the carry-out hole of the upper lift 10U is positioned confronting the pit mouth by means of the lower lift contracting motion through the lift downward movement after carrying-out of segment carriage 16 from the lower lift 10L in the lower part of the pit.




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