Device for extracting specific area in image



(57)【要約】 【課題】 対象物の画像に対して適正な閾値を設定し、 その閾値によって画像中の特定領域を精度よく抽出す る。 【解決手段】 対象物を撮像して画像を得る撮像器と、 撮像画像を解析する解析手段を備え、解析手段は、ある 閾値により撮像画像を2値化して画像中に分散する特定 領域を抽出する抽出手段と、抽出された特定領域の特徴 を表わすパラメータの分布と予め設定された統計学的分 布との差が最小になるように前記閾値を修正する閾値修 正手段からなる画像中の特定領域抽出装置。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To make it possible to properly set a threshold value for an image of an object and to precisely extract the specific area in the image by correcting the threshold value so that the difference between a distribution of parameters representing features of the extracted specific area and a previously set statistical distribution is minimum. SOLUTION: The threshold value is corrected so the difference between the distribution of the parameters representing the features of the extracted specific area and the previously set statistical distribution is minimum. A threshold value calculation part 4 of this device calculates the threshold value on the basis of the image and a Gaussian function. An area extraction part 5 binarizes the image on the basis of the threshold value to extract the specific area. A size arithmetic part 6 calculates the mean size of specific areas. A comparison part 7 compares the difference between a specific value set previously by a setting part 8 and the mean size with a reference value calculated from the value set by the setting part 8. When the difference is larger than the reference value, a function correction part 9 corrects the standard deviation of the Gaussian function so that the difference becomes less than the reference value.




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